The best crowdsourced ideas from L&D Benchmark 2016

At Dossier Forum in Oslo in July 2016 Laura Overton presented Toward Maturity’s 2016 L&D Benchmark study - and crowdsourced over 100 suggestions for L&D-managers wanting to raise the bar.

These were our favourite ideas:

How can L&D engage business leaders?

  1. Be interested in the business -  ask what the business needs, why they need it and how they need it rather than starting out with answers

  1.  Translate business needs into KPIs and development plans together with business leaders

  1. Be present where they are  - in meetings, workshops, conversations and by the watercooler    

What do we need to support self-directed learners?

  1.  Involve the employees and set the expectation for self-learning: what do they want and need?

  1.  Integrate learning as part of their job (description) and structure the “70” part of 70-20-10

  1. Provide learning arenas - offer a wide variety of forums to accommodate social learning

How can you support increased adoption of social and experiential learning?

  1. Managers need to recognize the difference between non-traditional learning and “learning”

  2. Build a culture with focus on improvement - use storytellers and ambassadors  

  1. Offer mentoring program - not only for high performers but for everyone

The Towards Maturity Benchmark Study, established in 2003, equips L&D leaders with all the evidence they need to modernise learning provision in order to suit today's fast-paced, technology-dependant global economy. 

The 2016  Benchmark Study is now open. Benchmark your L&D strategy to receive a free Personalised Benchmark Report in September, once all the 2016 data has been collected and analysed.