Laura Overton on the future of performance management (Video)

with Laura Overton, CEO and Founder, Towards Maturity

When Laura Overton presented the findings from Europe's larges L&D Benchmarking study at Dossier Forum in Oslo we took the opportunity to ask her what changes she hopes to see in performance management the next few years. 

- I think when we think about  performance management we're probably stuck a little bit in the past ,  asking How to have a performance conversation once a year?

- Performance in the new world of work, for the individuals that are working with us, is and has to be a continual conversation.

- And it's not somethign that is an HR function. It's something that actually is a continual process throughout the year. How are we talking about performance as just the way that we do our jobs? How can we improve on the way we do our jobs?

- And that means we're going to have to change the way we have the conversations, who has those conversations, and how we track our own personal journeys through our organisation.

- That will be through use of technology but also by all of us coming together. HR, management, Learning and Development - to focus on the one issue which is so critical for business; performance.